I Am A Naval Aviator

When I was 8yrs old I took my first flight, non stop from Houston to Sacramento, on the red eye. My mother kept my brother and I awake all day, making us play outside so we would be tired and sleep on the flight. Sadly for her, that plan backfired. Seeing the Boeing 737 for the first time I was in love, she was the most beautiful thing I had even seen in my short life.
On the flight I was wide awake. Looking out the window I could see all the stars in the Universe, well my small Universe. There was no way I could sleep. A flight attendant seen my excitement and, being this was the 80's, asked if I wanted to see the cockpit. I jumped out of my seat and waited for her to catch up. I was not able to go inside the small cockpit but I did get a good look at the instrument panel. I was in heaven. I announced to the flight attendant that I was going to be a pilot someday. When we landed she handed me a pair of plastic wings and said she would see me around in the air.
Three years later I found myself in California visiting family once again. One day my aunt rented Top Gun, the Navy's biggest recruiting commercial. I have always loved the Navy ever since my Uncle, a nurse in the Navy, took me to see The Hunt For Red October and gave me all his Tom Clancy books. Not knowing any details about Naval Aviation I absorbed every line of the movie. I took everything as real. I knew what kind of pilot I wanted to be.
While my little brother and cousins had bought Matchbox toy cars I bought jet aircraft. I had every aircraft from Top Gun and a few other Navy aircraft. I would sit by myself and play out the movie over and over, repeating line for line, blowing the Mig 28s out of the sky. Iceman could be my wing man anytime.
As I was getting ready for high school I told my parents I wanted to attend the magnet school that revolved around aviation because I wanted to be a pilot when I graduated. Being a pudgie boy all my life, and all the stereotypes on pilots being bean poles, my parents said I could not be a pilot, I was not smart enough, because there was a lot of math involved and to be honest, I sucked at math majorly. I answered, "I don't care if I fly a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong I want to be a pilot."
After recovering from being slapped for cursing I didn't push the issue anymore but I did not give up the dream. Another aspect of being me at that age was I looked nothing like my real age. After my Freshman year I made one last visit to California, this time making it to see relatives down in San Diego as well. We went a boardwalk and the only thing I remember is there was a Navy flight simulator, giving "rides." You had to be eighteen to ride, and I figured if they didn't check my age I wasn't going to tell the truth, I just wanted to sick behind the stick and fly. When the rise was over I found out it was used as a recruiting tool and the recruiters were mad that I had pretended to be older. I didn't care because I had flown a fighter jet, well a simulated one anyway.
Over the next four years I was told over and over that I could not become a pilot, primarily because I was not smart enough. Given that it took me three years to pass basic algebra I guess I could not blame them. But what I lacked in book smarts I more than made up for in my passion for aviation. Every flight simulator game I played I aced. I felt like it came naturally to me. 
I am a Naval Aviator. I kept telling myself that, I am a Naval Aviator. Everything I did I did to fly for the U.S. Navy. When I graduated high school I slimmed down, ready to join the military. My ASVAB scores suggested grunt work, not allowing for a chance to become an Officer and an Officer is what I needed to be.
A year later I found myself in a flight school that would allow me to get a degree in aviation and a degree meant OCS (Officer Cadet School). I began to absorb everything again, despite my lack of math skills navigation came easy to me, being a pilot would not be a problem. My flight instructors were another matter.
I grabbed the mechanics of flight but in the air it was a different story. I was trying to do everything I was being told on how to fly but inside my instincts were telling me something different. later I found out I was "flying by the seat of my pants," which meant I did everything my feel and not my instruments told me. that type of flying is highly discouraged and I thought I would flunk out and prove everyone right until my instructor decided to let ME fly the aircraft.
I felt so free. I took off and did everything I was suppose to, not a clean as he would have liked but still, I was flying. We were not close to my first solo, however, when we were going over full stops I thought I did something wrong because he got very quite. I sat there is silence waiting for him to order us home and I would fail another flight. Instead he opened the door and unplugged his headset.
"I want two touch and gos then one full stop to pick me back up."
When he slammed the door I was gripped with fear, this was it, do or die. I pulled out onto the runway and took off. As soon as the wheels lifted off the ground and I was airborne I told myself once more, "I am a Naval Aviator."

Gun Control

teaching family to shoot properly
There is a lot of talk these days about gun control. With the recent school shooting people are more scared than ever about guns. Sadly, people want you scared. I say fight the fear and get informed.
Some do not agree with me and think I am pig headed in my views on gun control. Heck, the truth is I am but I also don't take people, who have no idea about what they are truly saying, seriously. When I'm asked what Gun Control means I always answer, "It means holding onto the gun and hitting your target."
Let's get a few facts straight. Yes the old saying is old BUT oh so true, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." If I laid a loaded gun, ready to fire, on a table and walked away it will NOT fire and kill someone UNLESS someone else picks it up and pulls the trigger. That is a fact proven over and over again.
Do not get me wrong, if you do not like guns, that's okay by me, I am not saying that you have to like guns. But like them or not, they are a part of our society. You have every right NOT to like guns, all I ask is that you do not try to take away MY right to carry one. This is something that has gone on throughout history and not just with guns.
The only way a few can control a large mass is IF and ONLY if the masses allow themselves to be ruled. People in power never want to lose power, and those that stay in power by force are always fearful that the masses will rise up and fight back. Solution, take away their means of fighting back. this little tid bit of history repeats it self over and over more than anything else.
Getting back to the argument at hand, there is a lot of talk about arming teachers in schools and there are some good and bad arguments on both sides of this coin. I feel that if a teacher, who goes through the proper training, wishes to carry a gun, then should be allowed to. An argument thrown at me on this is that bad guys, no matter their state of mind, will not care if someone has a weapon to stop them, they are going to do what they want to do. They couldn't be more wrong on this. ONLY a select few will not care and stopping them in their tracks before harming ANYONE is a good thing and can only be done if they have the means to do so.
Then I was told, well if you give some teachers guns then they can take those guns and just do what as they please as well. Well, what is stopping them from doing that anyway but think about this, IF there are teachers you feel would do this then do they REALLY need to be teaching in the first place? Do you REALLY want them around your child? I know I don't so that argument is NOT a valid one.
Now here in Texas, there is talk about reducing the amount of class time to get a CHL, concealed handgun license, and an even more convenient way of renewing your CHL the same way you do a driver's license. To this I say NO WAY! Does this surprise you? Let me explain.
There are some people who are driving that should not be. They have lost the ability to operate a motorized vehicle safely and I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who knows of someone I am referring to. They get their license renewed automatically to easily. But when you first get your license you have to take some form of class time, even if its studying the handbook and taking the driving test. This needs to be done with CHL licenses as well.
The system for class time is not broke, so please do not try to fix it. And for those looking for short cuts I say to you, IF you can not sit through the class and learn properly then you do NOT deserve the license at all. Gun safety is very important and even instructors have to be retrained from time to time. Take the class, do the time, prove you deserve to keep that license.
In Law Enforcement an officer has to prove he can still handle a firearm and has to do so once every two years. In private security I have to do the same thing. Even though my current location does not require me to carry a side arm I still have to maintain my proficiency with a firearm. Every 20 months I have to re qualify for the state of Texas. That's 8hrs of class room time and then on the range to prove I can still maintain my "gun control." I see some people who do not need to be carrying side arms in these classes and the only way to show they should not be carrying a side arm is by being in these classes. To cut that would be down right irresponsible.
So in short, the answer is NOT less guns but more training. I am always willing to show anyone how to handle a fire arms properly and safely. I will teach you how to shoot accurately  and show you fire arms are not the enemy at all. What's that old saying, "A well armed society is a polite society." Well don't forget to be well informed while you're at it.

Aliens, where are they?

I like to watch shows such as Ancient Aliens, I think the history is fascinating   I do believe there are aliens out there and I'm not referring to illegal aliens crossing our borders.  Our Universe is too big to NOT have other life out there, because if we are, then it's a lot of wasted space.  Okay so here's MY theory as to why Aliens do not visit Earth as often as they use to. For those of you who have younger siblings will get what I'm about to say.
When Aliens first visited Man we were in our infant state.  We were cute, fun, and easy to get to do what they wanted us to do.  Like making a baby dance any way you want or making them make funny faces.  We were a source of entertainment for these space travelers.
As we got a little older, the entertainment changed.  Being the older wiser sibling, the Aliens taught us things to get by.  They were our protectors, but this protection came at a price.  They told us things and did things to scare us, make us do what ever they said, all the while, we looked up to them, thinking they were so cool and that we mattered because they were taking care of us.
As we got older, began to think for ourselves, we didn't look at them in the same way.  They too were now older and wiser and it was time to take on the Universe in new ways.  Toying with us was not as fun as it use to be but if they wanted to remain the "Cool" sibling they needed to let us grow on our own.  Of course, every once in a while they need to come home for a visit and remind you who is boss.
So that's why Aliens don't visit us anymore, we're not as entertaining to them as we use to be.


Welcome to 2013. I'm glade everyone survived the Mayan calendar, even though they NEVER said the world would end, but moving on.
I've been asked what my New Year's resolutions are and to be honest, I never make them. So I answer, "To make it to 2014." That sounds like a good goal right, to make it through the year in one piece?
Well I decided this is the year I will sign with an agent. The ONLY way I see that happening is to get off my butt and push my writing. I have to admit, I have been getting lazy in this department and I need to change.
I'm going to try to post more often here, writing little by little, so I ask that you please bear with me with some stupid post that I know will be coming throughout the year. My hope is that by writing daily, no matter how out there it may be, I will sharpen my tool that is my mind.
Happy New Year everyone.