Aliens, where are they?

I like to watch shows such as Ancient Aliens, I think the history is fascinating   I do believe there are aliens out there and I'm not referring to illegal aliens crossing our borders.  Our Universe is too big to NOT have other life out there, because if we are, then it's a lot of wasted space.  Okay so here's MY theory as to why Aliens do not visit Earth as often as they use to. For those of you who have younger siblings will get what I'm about to say.
When Aliens first visited Man we were in our infant state.  We were cute, fun, and easy to get to do what they wanted us to do.  Like making a baby dance any way you want or making them make funny faces.  We were a source of entertainment for these space travelers.
As we got a little older, the entertainment changed.  Being the older wiser sibling, the Aliens taught us things to get by.  They were our protectors, but this protection came at a price.  They told us things and did things to scare us, make us do what ever they said, all the while, we looked up to them, thinking they were so cool and that we mattered because they were taking care of us.
As we got older, began to think for ourselves, we didn't look at them in the same way.  They too were now older and wiser and it was time to take on the Universe in new ways.  Toying with us was not as fun as it use to be but if they wanted to remain the "Cool" sibling they needed to let us grow on our own.  Of course, every once in a while they need to come home for a visit and remind you who is boss.
So that's why Aliens don't visit us anymore, we're not as entertaining to them as we use to be.

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