Show Down

Paved roads and high speeds reminded you that you lived in the city but the small wooded area was enough to give you a country feel, balancing that fine line of City and Country living.
The air was cool as the morning dew soaked the grass on the islands dividing the road in half. The East side of the road was covered in trees, hiding an ocean of wild life while the West side was littered with industrial buildings.
At five in the morning on a Sunday I was the only idiot awake and on the road, or so I thought.
The crisp air kissed my face as I cruised down this dark road on my way to work. The moment was to beautiful to disturb so the radio remained off, the silence of nature filling my ears.
Up ahead I could see a large black mass in the darkness which meant something was in the road. A flick of my wrist turned on the brights but it wasn't enough to penetrate the darkness so I slowed to a stop before the black mass.
A buck was standing in the left lane staring at me. A beautiful animal that any hunter would love to get their hands on was standing in front of me.
I honked my horn, breaking the silence, in hopes of scaring off the huge buck, but to no avail. He just stomped a hoof and held his ground.
Seriously? I honked again.
"Fuck you buddy, I have to get to work. You're lucky or you would be dinner."
I yanked the wheel to the right and gunned the gas. As I passed the buck in the other lane we made eye contact and the world slowed down.
"Well played Sir," his eyes said. "Well played."