Just Another Friend

Thank you to my fans. Last night I noticed the song I co wrote, Just Another Friend, has received over a 1,000 views. While this may not seem like a lot it's a very big deal to me. If you have not seen it, here is the link.

More Free Ebooks

Those that know me know I LOVE to read.  I am grateful to everyone in my life growing up who read to me, gave me money to buy my own books, or sent me books to help build my personal library.  I grew up in public libraries, by choice, and to this day, I can not walk into a library without inhaling deeply, breathing in that sweet smell of ink on paper.

With books dying, giving way to ebooks, things are changing.  Don’t get me wrong, I will ALWAYS pick a paper book or ebook if given the choice but ebooks is the way of the future.  My personal library has tripled thanks to ebooks.

Even though I self publish, and if I want to get paid I have to sell my work, I have always believed that books, in any format, should be allowed to be shared freely with anyone willing to read it.  While this puts me in direct competition with myself I do not mind if it means someone gets to enjoy the story I am trying to tell.

When I trying to build a fan base it was suggested to me to post my work on Obooko.com.  Since I made a pledge to allow all my ebooks free until 2013 I uploaded what I had.  The response I received from their readers was amazing.  At times I was discouraged as a writer and ready to quit then I would receive an email from a reader of the site telling me how they enjoyed my work.  They helped to keep me going, giving me encouragement when I needed it the most.

To say thank you I am permanently adding a link to their website on my blog.  You can always find a copy of my ebooks on their site and download it, for FREE.  Here is a little bit about Obooko and I hope you will visit their site.  There is a LOT of great talent out there just waiting to be discovered.  Enjoy.

Since its conception in 2009, Obooko has  established itself as the go-to website for contemporary fiction and non-fiction ebooks. Downloads are free of charge to anyone, anywhere, regardless of means. 

With hundreds of titles in more than 30 genres, the site is a virtual treasure trove of literary gems. There are fiction books to suit every taste, from contemporary romance, crime, action and mystery to horror and science fiction. A bulging non-fiction section includes books on arts, travel, spirituality, computing and business management. 

While the majority of free ebooks on Obooko are by independent (Indie) authors, the site also offers fans titles from favourites such as best selling thriller writer, Stephen Leather and the New York Times bestselling romance author, Sylvia Day. There are also six books by Paulo Coelho. 

Almost 100% of Obooko’s digital inventory is contemporary fiction and non-fiction, rather than the out-of-copyright and classic books some competitor sites favour. The site is funded by advertising alone and is entirely free to use, with no joining, membership or download fees. Users wanting to download a free ebook simply register their details such as age and email address. This measure helps the site to comply with COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. 

All books are provided in common file types such as PDF, ePub and Kindle formats and all are legally distributed. Obooko has a strict policy of upholding Copyright law and only distributes work with the author's written consent. People cannot ‘post’ books on the site; authors are invited to publish on Obooko, which means users can be confident that every book they download is a legal copy and that they are not associated with or supporting digital piracy. 

Boostup.org caught lying to the public

 Boostup.org has just really pissed me off.  They seem to think that we, the American people, are stupid. They think that we can not count or do simple math, yet they advocate that they want to help drop outs.  Let me ask you this, my readers, how much can you trust an organization who lies to you from the beginning?

When someone wants to pull the wool over your eyes, wants to get you to do something without you actually thinking about it, they use big numbers to scare you.  THEY LIE!!!

Boostup.org LIES!!!

One poster says that 7,000 students drop out of school every day. That’s a big scary number, if it was actually true.  But the point IS to scare you into helping them.

Another poster says that a student drops out of school every 26 seconds.  Another number that sounds like a lot but let’s do the math here shall we. Let’s just round up from 26 seconds to 30 seconds, that’s 2 students per minute.  At 60 minutes in an hour we are looking at 120 students per hour.  Now are we thinking just in an eight hour school day or a full 24 hours?  At an eight hour school day that brings us to 960 students in a school day.  At a full 24 hour day we are looking at 2,880 students dropping out.  What happened to the other 4,120 students?

On average, a school year is 180 days.  So let’s keep going with the math.  In an average school year, 7,000 students a day equals 1,260,000 students.  But do they mean an average school year or the full 365 day calendar?  A full year is 2,555,000 students at 7,000 a DAY!!!

At the 26 seconds number, the average school year, 8 hours in the day, equals 176,400 students.  At the 24 hour day that’s 518,400 students.  Using the full calendar 8 hours equal 350,400 students and the full 24 hour day is 1,051,200 students.

I’m sorry but that’s a HUGE difference from the numbers they post.  What’s the true number of drop outs?  I wish I knew but I DO know it’s not the LIES Boostup.org is trying to shove down our throats.

Please share this in any form you can with everyone.  Let’s spread TRUTH not LIES!!!

Max M. Power