caught lying to the public has just really pissed me off.  They seem to think that we, the American people, are stupid. They think that we can not count or do simple math, yet they advocate that they want to help drop outs.  Let me ask you this, my readers, how much can you trust an organization who lies to you from the beginning?

When someone wants to pull the wool over your eyes, wants to get you to do something without you actually thinking about it, they use big numbers to scare you.  THEY LIE!!! LIES!!!

One poster says that 7,000 students drop out of school every day. That’s a big scary number, if it was actually true.  But the point IS to scare you into helping them.

Another poster says that a student drops out of school every 26 seconds.  Another number that sounds like a lot but let’s do the math here shall we. Let’s just round up from 26 seconds to 30 seconds, that’s 2 students per minute.  At 60 minutes in an hour we are looking at 120 students per hour.  Now are we thinking just in an eight hour school day or a full 24 hours?  At an eight hour school day that brings us to 960 students in a school day.  At a full 24 hour day we are looking at 2,880 students dropping out.  What happened to the other 4,120 students?

On average, a school year is 180 days.  So let’s keep going with the math.  In an average school year, 7,000 students a day equals 1,260,000 students.  But do they mean an average school year or the full 365 day calendar?  A full year is 2,555,000 students at 7,000 a DAY!!!

At the 26 seconds number, the average school year, 8 hours in the day, equals 176,400 students.  At the 24 hour day that’s 518,400 students.  Using the full calendar 8 hours equal 350,400 students and the full 24 hour day is 1,051,200 students.

I’m sorry but that’s a HUGE difference from the numbers they post.  What’s the true number of drop outs?  I wish I knew but I DO know it’s not the LIES is trying to shove down our throats.

Please share this in any form you can with everyone.  Let’s spread TRUTH not LIES!!!

Max M. Power

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