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When the world has U down & U just want to scream, all ur hair u pull. Just remember things aren't as they seem. Sing these words of wisdom: INCONCEIVABLE

My First Kiss

Growing up I was not very educated in things going on in the world. If it was not on my morning cartoons chances are I did not know about it.
While kids were learning adult content in elementary school I just nodded my head and played along, pretending I knew what they knew about sex. I did not want to be laughed at for not knowing what the other kids were talking about.
Plain and simple, I was naive.
Most of my peers already had their first kiss before getting out of the fifth grade. Jr. High provided more proof of this fact when everywhere you looked the “cool” kids were making out.
Cheerleaders were girlfriends to the football players. Clicks were everywhere and faces were stuck together. As for me, I had to watch from afar. While I longed for the contact the other kids had I was reminded of two reasons why I could not.
First off, I was a nerd. Other nerds DID have girlfriends but I seemed to be different. I was always considered “a good friend” and nothing more.
Second, it was forbidden for me to have a girlfriend at my age. Unlike most teenagers, I was not the rebel without a cause. Even if I did have a cause it would not have mattered, I was a Jehovah’s Witness. Like I said, it was forbidden in our religion.
For this later reason I was often teased. I was different. I was an easy target. Needless to say, Jr. High was a very lonely time for me.
When I became a freshman in High School things changed. I was at a new school, new students, and unlike the kids I had been in classes with since the second grade, these new students knew nothing about me.
Still I had to pretend I knew what was going on. Clicks were everywhere and I did not fit into any of them. I did what I have always done, being the nerd I was, I worked in the library.
I had been working in the library during my lunch since the sixth grade. I was at home.
I filed books. I cleaned up. I read the comics in the newspaper. I finished my homework. I tutored other students. One of these students would educate me more than I would educate her. Her name was Vanessa Ortiez.
Vanessa was a goddess. Beautiful flowing long black hair. Cute perfectly placed dimples. Long lushes legs. Firm round behind. Great hips. Forty-six DD breast. Soft smooth tan skin. One hundred forty pounds and a smile that would make your heart melt. Like I said, a goddess.
Vanessa was failing English and History, two of my best subjects. When she walked up to me on that bright Friday afternoon I was stunned. She was asking for my help.
Unlike other girls, Vanessa asked for my help directly, not flirting with me to say yes. How could I refuse?
Everyday Vanessa would come into the library and I would tutor her in the back rooms. We could eat in these rooms so sometimes she would bring lunch for us to share. I would imagine I was on a picnic instead of in a small room filled with books.
I wanted to be with Vanessa, and not just as her tutor. I was no longer naive, just inexperienced. However, I did know enough to know Vanessa was WAY out of my league. She was a goddess and I was an insect.
Vanessa was always serious when we studied so I had to be too. In all honesty I could not concentrate when I was around her. My brain turned to mush.
On occasion my mush brain would show and Vanessa ALWAYS found this funny. “It’s very cute,” she would say.
This went on all semester. Vanessa’s failing grades were rising. She went from F’s to A’s. When Vanessa received her final report card of the semester she was surprised to see straight A’s.
Never in her life had Vanessa received straight A’s. The fruit of her labor was clear and she was excited. This excitement prompted a reward for me, although Vanessa did not know it.
The next time Vanessa saw me I was busy putting books back in their place on the shelves. I never saw her coming. Vanessa’s arms wrapped around me as she hugged me tight.
Vanessa’s firm breasts were pressing against me tightly. MY REWARD! When Vanessa let go I turned around. Vanessa hugged me again. The sweet smell of her perfume and shampoo filled my nose, drifting me away to paradise. Vanessa always smelled good.
“Thank you,” Vanessa said, kissing my cheek then letting go. She held out her report card and I seen why she was excited.
The next day I heard it through the grapevine that Vanessa was moving away with her father. I was crushed. I was in love.
I had to tell Vanessa how I felt. I wrote her a note to meet me in the Northwest stairwell at lunch. This stairwell was rarely used and I knew I would have privacy.
Vanessa met me, sensing the urgency in my tone. Before she could say a word I sprang up from where I was sitting and blurted out, “I love you.”
“What,” came the shock response. It was hard to tell if her face showed surprise or disgust. I had to continue.
“I’m in love with you. I’m seriously in love with you.”
Silence filled the air. The stairwell was dark, however, I could see my words were sinking in. I walked around the stairs to hide in the total darkness of the corner. I professed my love and my answer was silence.
Vanessa followed me to the corner. I was not going to escape so easily. “Your timing sucks,” Vanessa answered before grabbing my shirt and pulling me to her.
Vanessa’s soft sweet lips pressed against mine. My first kiss.
With each passing moment we continued to kiss. Slowly her deep red lipstick was coming off. My mind was racing a mile a minute.
Do I close my eyes or keep them open? Whoa, her tongue just went into my mouth! What do I do? Do I push it out with my own tongue? Do I stick my tongue in her mouth now? Where do my hands go? Am I doing this right or am I screwing up?
Vanessa was reading my mind. She broke away and smiled at me. I knew what that smile meant, she thought my inexperience was cute.
“Just relax and do what I do,” Vanessa whispered in my ear. She began to nibble my ear as she wrapped my arms around her waist, sliding my hands to her hips.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and pecked my lips. “I’m in love with you too.”
We kissed again. This time I let my mind go blank. My body knew what to do as I closed my eyes and pulled Vanessa to me tight. For the next hour she was mine and I was not going to let her go.
I may have been a late bloomer but I am very glad that my first kiss was with Vanessa. Like many others, I will never forget my first love. I will never forget my first kiss.
Max M. Power

The Decade Time Forgot

I remember back when I was a kid. Back when teachers could paddle you for being bad. The biggest decision we had to make was white or chocolate milk. The girls had cooties and the boys teased the girls that they secretly liked.
Music was fun and we sung the same songs over and over again. That was one busy bus all over town.
Muppets were our best friends. We had a big yellow bird teaching us songs while a mean green man lived in the trash. A vampire taught us to count and a blue fuzzy monster taught us how to REALLY eat cookies.
Back when Mondays were Manic and people walked funny like Egyptians. When a Hammer had his own time and wearing a parachute as pants was cool. Where it was a thrill to be seen in a dark red leather jacket and one white glove.
Children were our future. When every major singer was The World. Hunger and homelessness were fought one hand at a time across America.
A little fat Italian man and his skinny brother kept us entertained for hours as they tried to rescue a princess against an evil dragon.
When cats had thunder and cars were actually robots in disguise. When knowing was ALWAYS half the battle. Where a pony was little and yours. Where bears lived in the clouds and traveled on rainbows. When rainbows were controlled by a blonde in pigtails.
A time when videos killed radio stars. When MTV actually played music videos and everyone wanted to jump.
There was only ONE HBO and having it made you cool. Teenagers learned things you can’t do on television. Slime was gross but you couldn’t wait to get it dumped on you. Where Dares were Doubled and always ended in a physical challenge.
A time where turtles fought like ninjas and everyone was afraid of a man dressed like a bat. Where a short little alien just wanted to go home.
Back when the Jedi made their return and superheroes were everywhere. A golden Hulk took on a Giant and won. A boxer showed us how to overcome all odds and be a winner if we had the eye of a tiger.
Where the Rain was purple and ghost were being busted. Where the fool was pitied. When we first found out time travel was possible at 88mph and it is NEVER a good idea to date your own mother in high school.
A man in a hockey mask scared us during the day while a burnt looking man haunted our nightmares.
Where the beef was missing and everyone asked what you were talking about. A dictionary was also a cute orphan boy. A Punky girl and her dog stole our hearts. When a Rider was Knighted. A talking car and a Wolf helicopter were the good guys. A Tab was more than a bill, it was the drink of choice.
Back when it was actually safe to walk around at night and no one worried about locking their doors. Neighbors were friendly and shared cooking supplies.
An actor was President and helped to bring down some wall in Berlin. A war that was cold ended and our arch enemy backed down and collapsed from failure.
The music was fresh, fun, and hip; not retro as it is today. Whipping It was a must. Love was a battlefield. Leg warmers and big baggy shirts could be seen everywhere. When hair was teased and a headband kept it all in place. Where dance was flashed or broken, and sometimes Dirty.
Pink was a pretty color and Blane was not a real name. A Foot became Loose. An Excellent Adventure was taken and a teenager made peace with his inner wolf. Breakfast was more than just a meal, it was a club. A Russian boxer became Master of the Universe and Punished the bad guys.
Arcades were everywhere as sounds of a yellow circle ate little dots and ghost. A ball was rolled around as a starship destroyed a bug. The stars found their last fighter.
Those were fun and simple times. VERY DORKY but simple. It has been said the 80’s is a decade time forgot or is trying to forget. Not me. I miss those simple fun times.
The best thing was anything weird was cool. I will never forget the 80’s and if you experienced it, you will not forget them either.
Max M. Power

How Many Books Have I Written???

I was asked how books have I actually written and that got me looking back at what I have done since 2001, when I started writing full time. The following is a list of EVERYTHING I am working on.
The Guardians
A Fallen Angels Novel

The battle between good and evil is as old as creation itself. A great family feud in heaven spills over to us here on earth. Banished from their home, not all that followed Azazel in battle still follow him on earth.
Now a second war between good and evil is fast approaching. Living in the final days, as foretold by the bible, Azazel wants any advantage he can get. Breaking the rules set forth by God is the only ways to gain this advantage. Azazel will destroy anyone who will get in his way, including the Guardians.
Demetrius is the strongest of the Guardians and Azazel almost succeeds in destroying him first. Raphael, an Arch Angel has formed an alliance Demetrius, asking Demetrius to fight the other Fallen Angels since he is forbidden to do so by God himself. With the love of his life by his side Demetrius is determine to stop his brother for good.

Fighting The Mob
A Jonathan McGregor Novel

Staff Sergeant Jonathan McGregor never had anything in his life to call his own. While serving as a sniper in the Marine Corps Jonathan finds a family.
Upon leaving the Corps, Jonathan, his wife, and newborn child move to New York City to be with his in-laws. Jonathan’s life could not be better, until one day members of the Mafia show up and demand Jonathan pay insurance money for his store. Jonathan fights back and it cost him his family. Now Jonathan is waging a private war against organized crime.
Will a handful of retired Marines be able to defeat the Mafia or will they bite off more than they can chew?

The Farm
A Jonathan McGregor Novel

A world of lies, deception and espionage. Where you can serve your country and at the same time earn a license to kill. The world's best spies work for the CIA.
Only the elite are sent to the FARM, the CIA's training grounds. Training to be a CIA operative is hard work, highly stressful, and very dangerous. For Jonathan McGregor and Ty Johnson, it is all one big joke.
Some students, as well as instructors, do not believe Jonathan and Johnson belong in the CIA. Under the direction of the senior instructor at the Farm, the students attempt to assassinate Jonathan and Johnson.
Will their Marine Corps training keep them alive or will they become another black star in a wall in Langley?

Silent But Deadly
A Jonathan McGregor Novel

Having to become a killer for hire Jonathan must prove he is the best at what he does. Jonathan needs a target that will get the attention of the entire world. Jonathan sets his sights of Fidel Castro.
Going to Cuba, Jonathan learns everything he will need to take down the horrid dictator. Making friends with the Cuban Underground, they follow Jonathan’s lead and march toward Havana.
Things become complicated when Jonathan finds out that his mentor from the Marine Corps has orders to stop Jonathan. Now Jonathan must decide who his true enemy is and take him out.

Loves Flight Path
A Max “Skywalker” Power Novel

A man is considered lucky if he can find love in his life. Max Power finds love not once, but three times. Fighting for everything he has, Max finds himself coming across the love of two beautiful women and his dream, being a fighter pilot in the United States Navy.
On his first cruise Max discovers whom he truly loves and everything falls into balance. His life is going great until the unthinkable happens; the United States is attacked.
Faced with WAR, Max must put aside his personal feelings and do his duty as a fighter pilot. When he is shot down behind enemy lines, Max knows that he has to make it back safely to the woman he loves.
Question is, will he?

A Max “Skywalker” Power Novel

The President of the United States has just made the largest announcement since the news of 9/11. Saddam and his regime have forty-eight hours to leave Iraq or the U.S. will invade.
Lieutenant Max Power, watching the announcement knows what it means for him. Lieutenant Power is returning to WAR. With his wife days away from birth Lieutenant Power boards a plane from San Diego to Washington D.C. He promises to return safely.
When his aircraft is hijacked and the crew is in on it Lieutenant Power has only one option; to take the plane back. Not knowing who is in on the hijacking Lieutenant Power wonders if he'll be able to keep his promise of returning safely?

The Dogfight
A Max “Skywalker” Power Novel

The shooting has begun between the United States and Iraq. The second Persian Gulf is now in place.
With the Arm Forces on high alert Lieutenant Max “Skywalker” Power and Lieutenant Leslie “Taz” Nelson have arrived aboard the U.S.S. Harry Truman as replacement pilots.
Within twenty-four hours of their arrival both are sent on dangerous mission after mission. Soon they find themselves involved in the biggest aerial dogfight since the days of Vietnam.
With both aircraft wounded badly can they make it back to the ship?

Returning to Sea
A Max “Skywalker” Power Novel

The F/A-26 Badger is the newest aircraft in the Navy. Lieutenant Commander Max “Skywalker” Power is in charge of taking the first squadron to use the Badger out to Sea.
This will be a many first for Lieutenant Commander Power. By taking on this command he wonders if it'll be more than he can handle.
It's not long before Elvis and the Badger are put to the test. It is time to prove what both pilot and plane can do.

A Day to Remember

Sitting in an airport waiting for a flight to come in, Commander Steven "Trigger" Gann begins to remember the best day of his life.
Upon going home to Houston, Texas, Steven meets a young lady who missed her international flight. With twenty-four hours to kill the two of them decide to spend it together.
At the end of their time together both lives have been changed forever. Love has blossomed and now a decision to leave or stay must be made.

Eagle Squadron
A Paul Fiala Novel

In January of 1940 Europe is enveloped in a huge conflict. The only thing standing between Hitler and total domination in Europe is a few British pilots.
Paul Fiala wants to help in the only way he knows how, flying. Leaving his home in Texas behind, Paul personally flies across the Atlantic to join the British Royal Air Force. (RAF)
Upon arrival in England Paul must overcome negative views against him. Word spreads fast that the RAF is starting a squadron of American pilots. Paul hopes to become one of the first in this new squadron. The Eagle Squadron.

A Wyatt Earp Novel

A gang comes to Houston, Texas, claiming the city as their own. They begin killing rivals to show their power. When innocent kids are killed Detective Wyatt Earp wants the killers brought to justice.
When a vigilante starts killing the same gang members who are killing kids the FBI is brought in to take over the case.
Wyatt does not want to stop this vigilante because he is doing what the police can not. Will justice prevail or will the vigilante be caught before the last gang member is dead. It’s a race against time to see whom can out whom.


Molly and Renee are far from being your average twins. One is popular and the other is, well, not. When Molly gets into a bad accident Renee must move and take over Molly’s life. Renee is not happy about it and tries to make sure no one else is either, especially Molly’s boyfriend Michael.
Michael, believing Renee is not the bad girl she makes herself out to be, treats Renee with kindness, winning her over. Upon Molly’s return Renee does not want to give Michael up. Now its sister against sister, fighting for the same man. Michael has no idea of the family feud or how deadly the feud is about to get.


Blaming the loss of his family on S.W.A.T. a man decides to take revenge on the very men that were suppose to protect them. Waiting patiently for five years the time has come to enact his plan.
Studying tactics used by the police department, he is going to put everyone to the test, making them question all “life saving” policies. With the entire world watching, S.W.A.T. finds that they need to rethink their tactics.

Chronicles of the Huntress
A Kara Novel

Being the birth daughter of the Mother of all vampires, Kara was her mother’s daughter, vicious and seductive. Kara left the vampire world to start a family of her own and when her family died, Kara blames her mother for not allowing her to save her own family.
Filled with anger Kara vows to get revenge on all vampires. Becoming a hunter Kara begins to track down vampires, killing them off one at a time. Kara finds out from her uncle, the second vampire ever created, that she can put an end to all vampires if she kills her mother.
Now the greatest hunt in history is on, mother against daughter. The two most powerful female vampires are set to kill each other. What will the future of all vampires hold?

I Need to Feed
A Lauren & Alister Novel

“I want to know all I can about the man I am going to marry.”
Alister, wanting to make Lauren happy, agrees to take her on a tour of The Slums, the neighborhood where Alister grew up. But for Alister, nothing good could come from going home.
The tour begins with his high school and ends at the house were Alister grew up. Despite the warnings from Alister of how unsafe the area is Lauren wants to know all she can about Alister’s past.
Trouble comes calling, as Alister knew it would. Alister hopes to be able to get out of the situation without anyone getting hurt, but someone always gets hurt in The Slums.

Now that you have read all of the blurbs of what I am working on I would like to hear your thoughts. Which ones sound like something you would like to read. Also, since I will be publishing these books myself, I am taking ideas for covers. What do you think would make a good cover for any of these books? Would you like to be on the cover for any of these books?
Before I forget, Chronicles of the Huntress is the only book that I already have a cover model for. Since photography is a slight problem for me right now, no current camera, thanks a lot Tropical Storm Alison, I have to start preplanning now. Once I get a camera I will be snapping pictures left and right. With that said, let the brain storming begin.