The ABC's of My Life - Forward

The ABC’s of life.  It’s different for every person and they greatly depend on who your family is.  For me, I can honestly say that ninety-eight percent of my memories revolve around the first three.

A – Ass whoopins.  I didn’t get whipped, I got whooped, there is a difference.  I will admit, half the whoopins I received I didn’t deserve and I got away with a lot more than what was known about, so I guess you can say Karma balanced it out.

In their elder years my grandmother, my mother, and my aunts claim they did not beat us as badly as the way I tell it.  I love these ladies with all my heart but I have to disagree, you whooped us and yes, we must have deserved it then, as they so often respond to my insistence.

B – Books.  Reading was just a natural as breathing.  Between everyone in my family, if we put our book collection together we would have our own personal library.  It was how we passed the time, traveled to far and exotic places, soared through the clouds, and blasted among the stars through hyperspace.

C – Cooking.  Food may keep us alive but it’s the making and consuming of that food that makes our lives worth living.  Powerful memories revolve around the aromas that came from the kitchen and filled the entire house.  Little things that can be trigged at the faintest whiff in the air, bringing a smile to our face, and causing us to respond, “I remember this one time…”