While You Sleep Part 5

I pulled myself up, balancing myself between the night stand and the wall.  Seeing me stand up the raccoon started scrambling to get free but the gorilla was too much weight to pull free from.

“Time for payback,” I said smiling.

I fired a shot into the gorilla’s crotch, making sure it really was dead.  When his balls exploded and flew off into two different directions I got my confirmation.

The raccoon freaked out and started scrambling even harder to get free.  I fired another shot into the gorilla’s stomach, getting closer to the raccoon.  As I suspected he tried even harder.

I fired three more shots, getting closer with each shot.  I wanted him to feel the same fear I felt lying on my back.

“I have one more bullet and guess what fucker, it has your name on it.”

Before he could protest, his head exploded, just like the other one had.  I lowered the empty pistol and it fell out of my hand, the weight of it too heavy for my failing body.  I coughed again, spitting out blood.  Laughter began to take over as the adrenaline in my body was fading.

I heard something else jump onto my headboard and I looked over quickly to see my little Shih Tzu staring at me confused.

“Oh thank God,” I whispered under my breath.

“You should have saved that last bullet.”

That was the last thing I heard before he jumped and knocked me to the ground.  The animals took over that night.  Like I said, a lot can happen while you sleep.



While You Sleep Part 4

I raised my pistol and instinct took over.  Muscle memory took my aim straight to the gorilla’s head and I fired my remaining seven rounds, hitting him in the throat and the head.  I don’t care who you are, that is dead.
Fear gripped me as I realized that he was going to fall, the only question was which way.
I tried lifting my leg but it was broken and useless.  I closed my eyes, bracing myself to be crushed under the weight of this monster who attacked me without warning.  The impact never came.
I opened my eyes and saw the gorilla lying flat on his back across my bed, the smart ass raccoon half way under him.  I couldn’t feel a thing anymore so I started crawling toward my nightstand.
Propping myself up I dropped my magazine and reached into the night stand to grab another.  Just as I dropped the slide the other raccoon peaked his head around the door frame.  His head exploded in a shower of brains, skull, and blood.
I heard the squirrels scurry off away from the bedroom, only to trap themselves in the fire they had just started.
“Get me out of here,” the smart ass shouted.  Guess the gorilla just pinned him down instead of crushing him.
“Saved by a memory foam,” I laughed.  “Don’t worry, I’ll fix that.”

While You Sleep Part 3

“Why are you doing this?”
The gorilla answered with a wall shaking roar.
I coughed up blood, spitting it out on the floor between the gorilla and myself.  I rolled over flat on my back, seeing the raccoons and squirrels scurrying off to the rest of the house.
“Burn,” I heard them say, laughing as they set my house on fire.
“What did I ever do to you little fuckers,” I shouted, instantly regretting it, as pain shot throughout my entire body.
The gorilla took a step forward, standing on my right leg. I could hear, more than feel, it crushing under his weight.  I tried to cry out but all that came out was more blood.
“You’re going to die,” a raccoon said, sticking his head back into the bedroom.
“Not without a fight,” I grunted.  The pain was slowly dying as my body became numb.
The gorilla started laughing, which really pissed me off.  That was his last mistake.

While You Sleep Part 2

“Why,” I asked calmly.
A wave of hot breath hit me in the face as the gorilla blew out a hard breath.
“All humans must die,” he repeated, more anger filling his voice.
“You first,” I answered softly as his arms raised above his head, ready to crush me beneath them.
I fired a shot.  The loud bang of my 1911 startled the gorilla backward.  I jumped toward my bedroom door, attempting to run away but my foot was caught by his quick reflexes.
He swung me in a circle over his head once before releasing me into the closet door.  The door came off its hinges, knocking me to the floor.  The wood cracked under the force but did not break.  I could feel the shards of glass push deeper into my back.
The world around me began to spin as my vision became blurred.  The gorilla was smiling as he slowly walked over to me.  The son of a bitch was actually smiling.
“Can we eat him?”
I was startled to see two raccoons and four squirrels carrying little torches sitting on my headboard, looking at me like I was a slab of beef.
“After you burn the house,” the gorilla called out over his shoulder, not taking his eyes off of me.  Murder was the only thing I could see in his eyes, cold soulless murder.