While You Sleep Part 2

“Why,” I asked calmly.
A wave of hot breath hit me in the face as the gorilla blew out a hard breath.
“All humans must die,” he repeated, more anger filling his voice.
“You first,” I answered softly as his arms raised above his head, ready to crush me beneath them.
I fired a shot.  The loud bang of my 1911 startled the gorilla backward.  I jumped toward my bedroom door, attempting to run away but my foot was caught by his quick reflexes.
He swung me in a circle over his head once before releasing me into the closet door.  The door came off its hinges, knocking me to the floor.  The wood cracked under the force but did not break.  I could feel the shards of glass push deeper into my back.
The world around me began to spin as my vision became blurred.  The gorilla was smiling as he slowly walked over to me.  The son of a bitch was actually smiling.
“Can we eat him?”
I was startled to see two raccoons and four squirrels carrying little torches sitting on my headboard, looking at me like I was a slab of beef.
“After you burn the house,” the gorilla called out over his shoulder, not taking his eyes off of me.  Murder was the only thing I could see in his eyes, cold soulless murder.

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