While You Sleep Part 4

I raised my pistol and instinct took over.  Muscle memory took my aim straight to the gorilla’s head and I fired my remaining seven rounds, hitting him in the throat and the head.  I don’t care who you are, that is dead.
Fear gripped me as I realized that he was going to fall, the only question was which way.
I tried lifting my leg but it was broken and useless.  I closed my eyes, bracing myself to be crushed under the weight of this monster who attacked me without warning.  The impact never came.
I opened my eyes and saw the gorilla lying flat on his back across my bed, the smart ass raccoon half way under him.  I couldn’t feel a thing anymore so I started crawling toward my nightstand.
Propping myself up I dropped my magazine and reached into the night stand to grab another.  Just as I dropped the slide the other raccoon peaked his head around the door frame.  His head exploded in a shower of brains, skull, and blood.
I heard the squirrels scurry off away from the bedroom, only to trap themselves in the fire they had just started.
“Get me out of here,” the smart ass shouted.  Guess the gorilla just pinned him down instead of crushing him.
“Saved by a memory foam,” I laughed.  “Don’t worry, I’ll fix that.”

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