Exciting News

I have some exciting news for all you Apple users out there. I found out today that my books, with the exception of Beautifully Crazy, are now available for download in the ibooks store. Search Max M. Power to find them.
Sorry Kindle users, still no love from Amazon. The boycott continues.


I have been trying to write this poem for 20yrs now. It's hard to believe it's taken this long to get it out of my head. Here it is.


“Let us dance,
You and I.”
“What the hell,
It’s worth a try.”

I’ve done this dance,
Since the day I was born.
But for everyone else,
I have to mourn.

With all his tricks,
Has yet to take me,
I am still full of kicks.

We tango,
Us two.
But he will not touch me,
Afraid, maybe, of what I might do.

Every morning I wake,
With a long and heavy sigh.
So I challenge Death,
“Let us dance, you and I!”

Max M. Power