Thought of the Day 08-21-09

This one is a real puzzler. I'm still scrathing my head on this one: If a turtle doesn't have a shell is he homeless or naked?


I have been debating on whether or not I should do this but since you are reading this I guess it means I won my debate, or lost it, depending on how you look at it since it was a debate with myself.
Okay on to why I’m sending this little email. I am trying to grow my new blog and to get more readers. As a result I am going to hold a contest that will end on September 1st.
To the person who gets the most people to visit my blog and subscribe to it will receive every book I ever write free for life. When the first printing comes out you will be sent an autograph copy before anyone else can buy a book.
Here are the rules, they must go to my blog, and subscribe. There are two ways to subscribe, both are listed on the blog. After they have subscribed they can send an email to me at and tell me in the subject line who sent them to my blog.
That’s it. It’s pretty simple. You can forward this email, rewrite it, however it is you want to let people know about it. Every person who sends someone my way will receive a free gift.
Thank you in advance for all your support.

Process of a Writer

Process of a Writer

One thing I am always asked as a writer is how do you write? What is your process? To be honest, I don’t have one. I have tried to have a process but a PROCESS just does not work for me. I guess not having a process IS my process.
I’m one of these people that lives in chaos. Most artist are really, if you think about it. There is no logic to my thoughts, there is no pattern I can follow. It’s a flaw that you must all live with, I are simply complex.
I have always considered myself to be a simpleton. I like certain things and that suits me just fine, I’m in my own little geekdom and I’m good. Everything is normal in my world. Now an outside takes one looks and thinks WTF!!!
I need chaos, it’s the only way I can think straight. Here’s the twisted part though, to you it may look like chaos but to me, it’s perfectly normal. Take my bedroom as an example. I have things laid out, papers here and there, looks a mess right, but at least I KNEW where every single thing I needed or wanted was. My mom comes in and “cleans” my room and I freak out. I don’t know where anything is and I go into panic mode. I want to scream.
Yes I was like that as a teenager and having to share a room with my brother, yea, that didn’t help me much either. I’m still the same way today. My chaos looking area is my Zen, don’t mess with it or I will have to destroy you, this I will do.
Okay so far I have been proving my point, this was suppose to be about my PROCESS as a writer and here I am off topic. That is EXACTLY how it is with my writing. I have all these ideas in my head and they are swirling around in my skull like a tornado through a trailer park, it’s not a very pretty aftermath.
Just as a tornado will suck up new things and spits out old ones, that’s how my mind works. I spit out old ideas onto paper, thinking I’m cleaning out some of that clutter in my brain and WHAM, I just sucked up a house and everything in it. Now I have to make notes on the new things so I won’t forget them.
So as I sit in front of my screen, pounding away at the keys things can come out fast, the tornado causing some good damage as it zips along and then all of a sudden I stall, I can’t even make out the letters anymore. I look up and see a cow fly by, blink in wonderment as I see a second cow, only to be told that it’s the same cow being moved back. Are you saying WOW yet?
For this reason I ALWAYS have paper and pen close by. When my ideas stall it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be throw me back into a whirl wind and whatever thought I had before, I can kiss it bye-bye for a while because something new will pop in my head and I have to get that out next.
Okay, take a breath, I know it’s hard to keep up with my mind unless you are use to it and even if you ARE use to it, it’s still tiresome. Can you tell that my mind has stalled out twice while writing this? If not let me tell you it just happened again, that’s three. Come on, gotta admit that was funny.
Bottom line here, my mind jumps around and all I can do is make sure that my parachute is packed properly. I don’t want to end up like some coyote off a cliff, SPLAT!!! I will say this, one of my favorite movies is a movie called Alex & Emma. If you have not seen it then by all means rent it, heck buy it, its soooooo funny. Trust me you will watch that movie and go, so that’s what Max was taking about. It’s crazy, it’s wild, it’s how I work. Nothing is in order as it’s being written. When it’s on paper it gets changed, changed, and then changed some more.
Hope this was helpful as to my process or if nothing else, put a huge smile on your face as you scratch your head and go HUH?? Comments please, I beg of you, okay I’m asking nicely at least.

Revolving Door

Revolving Door

Why am I a revolving door?
Treated badly and ignored.
I don’t want to be,
But this is how everyone sees me.

Why am I a revolving door?
Kicked hard when I’m down on the floor.
I can be a nerd, dork, and geek,
But somehow you see this as weak.

Why am I a revolving door?
I just want to give you all you want and more.
In and out of my life you go,
Hurting me very very slow.

Why am I a revolving door?
My soul is in pain, sore.
Do you hate me deep down in your core?
Tell me why am I a revolving door?

Max M. Power