Welcome to 2013. I'm glade everyone survived the Mayan calendar, even though they NEVER said the world would end, but moving on.
I've been asked what my New Year's resolutions are and to be honest, I never make them. So I answer, "To make it to 2014." That sounds like a good goal right, to make it through the year in one piece?
Well I decided this is the year I will sign with an agent. The ONLY way I see that happening is to get off my butt and push my writing. I have to admit, I have been getting lazy in this department and I need to change.
I'm going to try to post more often here, writing little by little, so I ask that you please bear with me with some stupid post that I know will be coming throughout the year. My hope is that by writing daily, no matter how out there it may be, I will sharpen my tool that is my mind.
Happy New Year everyone.

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