Last Night's Battle

I am convinced that when people die in their sleep, they are actually kidnapped into another dimension through slumber.  Since the physical body can not go with, that’s how it happens.  How do I know, it almost happened to me tonight.

I am not afraid of Death, I am ready whenever the Reaper is, but I will not go easily nor without a fight.  Because of this Death sends shadow men to take me away.

As I slept I was just there, laying in my bed, no dreams that I could remember.  Even though the room was dark, my surrounds began to darken into blackness, until I could not see a thing.  My body felt like it was floating down, unable to control my decent.

I found myself no longer laying down but standing up, my hands in front of me, feeling for something, anything, to let me know where I was.

My heart felt cold as my stomach sunk low.  Fear was slowly filling the air.  I wanted to call out to anyone who could hear me but as always, my voice was silenced.  I was truly alone deep inside my own personal abyss.

Suddenly a small light appeared directly in front of me.  I could see a shadow motioning me to come toward them.  Fear kept my feet firmly planted.

The fear in the air turned to anger and my body filled with panic.  The light grew wide in an instant and the single shadow figure turned into four, flying through the open light toward me.  I tried to turn and run but I was ambushed by another figure, clothed in black shadows, blocking my escape.  He is who brought me to this place.

I was pushed forward toward the shadow men coming at me.  As I stumbled forward I fell to the floor.  Hands wrapped around my arms as a deep laughter began to fill the air, overshadowing all that was happening.

I struggled to break free but their grip only grew tighter.  I threw a punch, hitting one of the shadow figures.  The laughter grew deeper as I continued to fight.  It was not long before I was being beaten and overpowered.

My heart began to beat faster with each panic breath.  I tried to scream and still, my voice was silenced.  I was fighting for my life as I was being dragged toward the light.  Suddenly and without warning I woke up, my heart beating out of my chest.  I was tormented for fun, by being from another dimension, or as you might call them, I had night terrors.
- Max M. Power

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