“Don’t,” she pleaded with tears in her eyes, “please don’t do this, please!”
“You’ve been asking for this all night.  Now shut uuaah…”
Fear filled the air as the predator has now become the prey.
“The lady said no,” a new voice growled, breaking the silent fear.
A bird swooped down from the rooftop, flying behind the new prey, receiving its master’s blade.  The prey fell to the ground without a sound.
“Guess no one ever told him not to fuck with a short girl,” the hooded girl said before taking a sip of her cup.  “I would run away and forget what happened here if I were you.”
“Is he,” the victim sobbed as she looked up slowly, fear freezing her in place.
“No,” the hooded girl snapped quietly.  “I never kill.”  After a short pause, looking to her left then to her right, she added, “but they are hungry.”
She took another sip of her cup.
“Who are you?”
“Owl,” she answered softly, taking a last sip of her cup.  “Now fly.”

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