Elevator Car #3

I barely escaped with my life last night.  Elevator #3 tried to eat me alive.

When I first saw it, I noticed the elevator door was wide open.  I was walking slowly toward the elevator, expecting the door to close well before I got there but it stayed open.  There could only be one of two reasons for this, either the elevator was put in independent mode or something was in the track, keeping the elevator door from closing properly.

I looked down at the track and seen it was clear.  Stepping inside, the door started to close quickly.  The image of a Venus flytrap popped into my head and I put my arm in the doorway to trigger the safety feature of keeping the door from closing.  Much to my horror the door kept moving.

Panic set in and I put my entire body in the doorway, trying to get out of the elevator.  I set my feet against the wall and pushed with all my might, finally opening the door enough that I could step out.  As I broke free the door slid wide open once again.

“What the hell was that,” I asked myself out loud.  “It had to be a fluke.”

I set one foot into the elevator and the door began to close quickly.  I jumped backward, out of the elevator.  The door flew open once more.

“No way,” I laughed to myself.

Being the idiot I am I reached a hand across the threshold and the door began to close.  I pulled my hand back, snapping the door wide open once more.  With more laughter I teased the elevator, waving a hand back and forth across the threshold, making it excitedly close the door, only to pull my hand back, making it open up in frustration.

“You put your left foot in,” I teased, sticking my foot over the threshold, “you put your left foot out,” pulling it out of the way of the closing door. “You put your left foot in and shaking it all about.”

I laughed harder as each time a body part crossed the threshold the door tried closing faster than it had before.  I was enjoying myself, feeling cocky.

“You put your big butt in and you shake it all… OH SHIT!”

I slipped and fell to the floor as the door began to slam close.  I scrambled toward the door, my life flashing before my eyes as the image of a Venus flytrap filled my mind once again.

Luckily I was able to get my head and shoulders through the opening before the door was able to completely close.  The door slammed into my chest and open just slightly before it tried closing again.  It repeated this process over and over, trying to chew me up before swallowing me whole.

I kept pulling myself forward as the door opened and closed, tenderizing my body.  Finally I was able to get to my feet and jumped out of the elevator.  The door opened wide, taunting me with its small victory.  I stared in disbelief at my own reflection in the back of the elevator, wondering what the hell was going on.

The elevator door slammed closed quickly and dropped down to the first floor.  I could have sworn I heard a dark metallic laugh as someone stepped into the elevator on the first floor.  It finally got its meal.

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