Review of Glide Video Texting

I am pretty tech savvy, well enough to get by.  I try to keep up with new phones, more specifically, what they can do.  I have to admit, its fun to play with a new toy, so when I was asked to write a review on this new app I figured why not.
We live in a busy time.  A time where we keep things short and sweet, I mean Twitter has trained us to keep it under 140 characters to the point people say, “Give me the Twitter version.”
Texting has become HUGE, and I mean huge.  It’s gotten to the point that there are campaigns to NOT text while doing other things so that no one gets hurt.  Because of this the need for alternative texting is growing.
One alternative, if the person does not want or can not call is Voxer. I love this app.  You can leave a voice or text for someone, turning your phone into a walkie talkie.  If you do not have this app I highly recommend you download it.
However, the app I was asked to review is not Voxer.  It’s called Glide Video Texting.  I get the concept of this app. It’s a good concept, however it’s kind of useless if no one else has it.
We as humans need interaction; we are hard wired that way.  It’s a must.  Glide is a way to bring the HUMAN element back into our tech interactions.  You record a short video and your contact replies back with a video. You don’t have to be connected at the time you send the video, so it’s not like Facetime or Skype.  You can watch whenever you want and however many times you want.
Like I said, I like the concept of the app but sadly I can not use it, I have no one in my contacts who have it.  Maybe I can revisit this review in a few months if I get more friends to use it.  So if you have an Android here is the link.  Apple users you will have to look for it in the itunes store.
See you in a video text.

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