What Language Do You Speak?

This is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Should you speak English or Spanish? I’m not here to get political about the subject but this situation calls for a huge “COME ON” moment.
I went to a Church’s Chicken, yes a 99¢ heart attack I know. Anywho, I was next in line and the cashier asked me in Spanish what I wanted to order. I don’t speak much Spanish so I started giving my order in English.
Silly me, I’m thinking an American restaurant, in an American State, in an American City, and here I thought I could order my food in the most commonly used language, English. Nope.
The cashier stated that she did not speak English and I said I do not speak Spanish. She proceeded to try to take my order in Spanish again and of course, I tried to place my order in English.
The cashier got angry at me and I could tell that whatever she was saying was not friendly. She walked to the back and started telling the manager something. The manager came to the front and asked me what the problem was.
I said I want to order and the cashier can’t take my order because she does not speak English and I do not speak Spanish. Then, and somehow I knew this was coming, the manager told me that I should learn Spanish then. I was really starting to get pissed at this point but I was on my way to work and wasn’t about to lose my cool.
I asked if the manager could just take my order and she said no, asking me to leave. I’m sorry but if you are going to service people who speak English then you should have people inside who actually SPEAK the language.

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