What is up with this game? I can’t stop playing it but I am going bald from pulling my hair out. I think this computer is cheating. Dang, I just lost another game. I mean it’s a simple game, one that I can play anywhere with a deck of cards but I have to play this game here on the computer.
Then there are different versions of this game. Draw one card, draw three cards. Auto jump to the ACES. It’s enough to drive you batty. Dang, lost another game. I’m hooked, I just can’t stop. Then again, I can’t get any work done either because I’m playing this game. Wow, that was a fast game. I swear this computer is cheating. I really hate this game, I wish I could stop playing it. I… I... I won! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Max M. Power
Written December 15, 2008

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