Where are the slaps on soap operas? Seriously, back in the 80’s and 90’s you have day time and night time soaps that everyone watched. If you honestly don’t think Dallas, Dynasty, 90210, or Melrose Place were NOT soaps think again.
The one thing about all those soaps was that, for the day time soaps that came out five days a week, some got slapped at least once a week. I’m not talking light love taps, I’m talking the kind of slaps that you could feel it through your TV and you were rooting for it to happen.
For those night time soaps, with the exception of Dynasty, someone got slapped at least once a month, since it only aired four times a month they could not do it every show.
Dynasty had someone getting slapped ALL the time. In fact there were drinking games made just for someone getting slapped in that show. Every time someone got slapped you took a shot and whoever was not passed out by the end of the show won.
Slapping in soaps use to be an art form. I know a few women in my family who must have taken lessons from Susan Lucci. Come on, you ALL know she was the first person who popped in your head when you started reading this article. She coined the term “Bitch Slap.” If not for her soaps would have been boring.
Anyways, as I watch my soaps, one that I use to watch with my mother, who has since given up soaps but back in the day you should tell you about them all, well her and my aunts, love you ladies, I notice that no one gets slapped anymore. I have seen a couple of bad right hooks by the guys but the women, come on, where the heck are the slaps. The tension is so high that I find myself shouting at the tube, SLAP HER! DO IT! SLAP HER ALREADY!!! only to see them walk away.
I’m probably gonna get slapped for writing this but hey, if I can get it on film and send it to the soap people MAYBE they can bring back why people use to watch those shows to begin with, the drama, of slapping people.

Max M. Power

P.S. Yes I do watch Young and the Restless and I blame the women in my life for getting me hooked. It’s like the Godfather III, “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.”

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