What Are You?

“What are you?”
Every time I hear that question asked of me my first instinct is to answer in my deepest grunt filled voice, “I’m Batman,” but that’s the dork in me.  My actual answer is, “I’m Supernatural.”
Yes, I know, that’s a loaded answer.  First and foremost I’m a Psy.  For those who know the full title I’m not going to use the last part because people tend to focus on the negative.
In addition to being a Psy I’m also an Empath. I’m an Alpha and an old soul.  I’m a cosmic Ronin.
Alpha – When most think of an Alpha they think of a strong muscular person who is tough and takes charge of everything.  They are intimidating and while being intimidating can get you what you want, that doesn’t make you an Alpha.
I was once told that I could be in a room of one hundred people and not say a word to anyone and people will want to attack me because I made them feel inferior.  My aura will prove to be the stronger tougher aura.
So while I may physically look like the Pillsbury Doughboy I’m actually an Alpha.  I’m very protective and let a lot of things go but when push comes to shove I stand my ground.
Empath – I am more in tune with emotions coming from others.  My abilities even go as far as to be able to read strong emotions behind the written word as well as a photograph.
When these powers came to light they hit me like a ton of bricks.  Feeling all these emotions I’ve never felt before.  But now, they keep me on my toes.
Before I walk into a place I can feel positive or negative energy.  I know what I will be walking into before I walk in.  However, it’s a bitch when I watch an emotional movie or TV.
Old Soul – I have lived many lives.  Some lives were brief while others were long and strong.  Some memories are brief but I do remember them as they are powerful.  I roam through time living and dying over and over again.
Cosmic Ronin – Of all the lives I have lived a few were in the land of rising sun, Japan.  Life after life I was a Samurai.  Life after life I became a Ronin until I just accepted that title for the rest of eternity.
A Ronin is a warrior without a Master.  They are shunned and live in solitude.  While I may protect others I have no master of my own.
Psy – This is the big one that ties everything else together.  These powers I have had all my life but I never knew what they were until I was nineteen and taking college classes.  “There’s nothing more dangerous than a Psy who doesn’t know they are a Psy.”
This is also the hardest for people to accept.  Basically I can manipulate energy.  I can take negative energy from someone and replace it with positive.  I can also take positive energy from someone and keep it for myself.
A lot of times I exchange negative for positive without permission just so that I can breathe.  That negative energy is thick in the air and I need it to go away.  In small dosages I can extinguish it without a second thought.  Larger doses, however, will drain me and this is usually when I get sick.
There have been very few times where I have stolen positive energy without permission.  I naturally produce a lot of positive energy myself and when I get really sick, my body believing I am close to death, I need an influx of positive energy to fight off death.  This, like I said before, is rare.
There is a lot more to these answers but in keeping it simple these are my answers.  If you wish to know specific answers ask your questions in the comments and I will answer as best I can.  I would advise you to look into these subjects and learn more.
So what’s my real answer to the original question?  “I’m Superman!”

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