A lot can happen while you sleep

A lot can happen while you sleep.  A revolution could break out and you find yourself in a fight for your survival, for instance.
Last night when I went to bed everything was right with the world.  I wake up at three a.m. to the sounds of people screaming.  I jump out of bed quickly and grab my pistol as I listen for signs of what’s going on.
I can smell smoke which means there’s a fire somewhere.  As I pull my jeans and shoes on I hear a murderous scream then silence.  A cold chill runs through me as time seems to come to a standstill before my bedroom window explodes into a thousand tiny shards of sharp missiles.
I turn away quickly, trying to protect my face, the glass peppering my back, drawing many tiny droplets of blood.  I can feel hot air blowing across my back, in rhythm with the angry breathing from whomever just destroyed my bedroom.
I turn slowly to see a large gorilla standing in front of me.  It’s his breathe that is so full of anger.  I should be terrified but I’m not.  A calm washes over me as I still have my pistol, which is now pointed at the gorilla’s stomach from my own.
“All humans must die!”
Well I certainly was not expecting that.  Like I said, a lot can happen while you sleep.