Open letter to Walmart

I have been trying to use the Walmart VUDU conversion Disk to Cloud service since Christmas and have gotten a whole lot of frustration for my troubles.Last night was the final straw for me so I wrote an open letter to Walmart. Here is the letter I sent. Here's hoping for a helpful reply.

Sunday January 20, 2013 10:00 am

To Whom It May Concern:

I am at my breaking point on a subject that needs someone’s immediate attention.  Since Christmas I have been trying to convert my DVDs to the VUDU cloud. I have purchased movies with the coupons to try the VUDU service, and I currently use the VUDU service with all new movie releases.  However, and this is where my breaking point comes in, despite all the advertising Walmart has created for this, coupons, commercials, and the website, no one seems able to do this.
I have been to five different stores, at a high cost to me in gas and travel, and again NO ONE is able to do this VUDU service.  Last night was the final straw in my endeavors to convert these titles.
I have gone to two stores that are close to me, since Christmas mind you, neither Store #1837 nor Store #849, have been able to access the service. The main photo center employees know how to do it but are not able to access the service. The employee at Store #849 has called three other stores and the all said yes they could convert the movies, calling before driving to these locations as not to waste my time and gas.
Store #5287, which is ten miles from my home said they could do it, that’s a twenty mile round trip, and upon my arrival they said they could not do the conversions without sending my disk off to be converted to CDs. This is NOT the service I need nor want, and on the coupon themselves state I keep my disk.
The next store on my list that said they could do it was Store #3500, which is thirty miles from me, a SIXTY mile round trip. I was met with the same answer, they would have to send my disk off to be converted to CD.
The last store, Store #1137, which is thirty-three miles from my home, SIXTY-SIX miles round trip. When arriving at this store the employee stated with the same excuse, they would have to send my disk off. I told the employee to get the store manager and when the MOD(Manger On Duty) came he had no idea what I was talking about either. The first employee who stated that the store did not even have the VUDU service changed his store when the MOD arrived and said he could not access the system.
I handed the MOD my coupon so he could read for himself that the disk do NOT leave the store he walked away and called someone then came back to me and said they did not have the VUDU service. All the while the MOD is on the phone the store employee is going out of his way to come back to me and argue with me, even after I told him I was done talking to him for calling me a liar after I told the MOD what the employee had stated at first about having to send my disk off then saying he never said that. This employee came back over and over, trying to provoke me into physical contact and saying I was a liar.
When the MOD came back he stated again that they could not perform the service but that store #3500 could, saying his employee called the store and talked with their photo center, not knowing I had already been to that location. I told him that the employee was lying because I just came from that store. The manager asked me to leave the store and I asked for my coupons back, as that was $8 worth of conversions, and he said he didn’t have it, they were in his hands. Only when I got belligerent did he give me back my coupons and I walked out of the store.
This has gone on long enough. I am trying to use a service that is advertised as easy to use. I am trying to use a service that I have a large need for yet no one seems to be able to help me, instead telling me at EVERY location I have gone to that I should just go online and use the service instead of coming into their store. If I COULD do these conversions online then I would. IF this is the feeling of the store employees then perhaps I SHOULD take my business elsewhere and have my online followers begin to do the same because the employees do not wish to help their customers.
I would like someone to contact me back about this matter. I do not believe this is company policy and I am giving Walmart a chance to save face.

Thank you for your time,

Max M. Power