Look Out Sandra Bullock Here Comes The Flood

I’ve heard that age old saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” but I’ve had enough. When I first signed on with Publish America I was excited beyond belief that someone wanted to publish my work. That feeling has since past.
Publish America has hurt me more than they ever could have helped me but I’m taking this as a learning experience. I’ve started my own company, Writing With Power, in which I have control over what I release and how much it’s going to cost.
Publish America seems to think that its authors are pure dumb and sends out these emails telling us of these GREAT and wonderful deals. Well now I’m passing the humor onto you, this is where I am biting the hand. Each time I get an email that is such a GREAT deal I am going to repost it. It starts with the email below. Look out Sandra Bullock, you’re about to get flooded.

Dear Author:

PublishAmerica will send your book to Oscar winner Sandra Bullock!

Sunday night's Best Actress won the award for her role in The Blind Side, a movie based on a book that she read before she agreed to play the role.

We will now submit your book to Sandra Bullock and ask her to read it.

Here's how we do it for authors who choose to have a few extra books on hand:

Go to
www.publishamerica.net, find your book, click on it, then add to cart, indicate quantity, and use this coupon: SandraBullock25. Then click Recalculate and finish the transaction. Minimum volume is only 6 copies. You will receive your books at a 25 pct discount, and we will print an extra copy that we will send to Sandra Bullock at no cost to you, or more if she requests more, also at no cost to you.

In the Ordering Instructions field, you may write a note for Sandra if you want.
We will include your note when we ship your book to her. Note that PublishAmerica
will keep your note confidential, and that Sandra Bullock may treat your book and
your personal note in any way she chooses.

Full-color and hardcovers excluded. Offer expires this weekend on Sunday night.

Thank you,
PublishAmerica Author Support Team

So am I biting for no reason???