Fact of the Day

Fact of the Day: Smurfs aren't real.

I Am A Hunter

I am a hunter.
It's what I do.
Ghost, zombies, and aliens.
Laugh but do you see any around you?

They exist.
Make no mistake, they do.
But I ask, see any around you?

I am a hunter,
It's true.
Stop laughing!
I'm why you don't see any around you.

The Feeder - The Lost Stories

Sierra sat in the corner of the room watching out the window.  The room was so dark that any human could not see past their own nose.  Sierra, however, was not human, at least she not in the past six hundred years.  Being able to see in the dark is one of the great advantages of being a vampire.  Hyper sensitive hearing is another.
She could hear the fearful heartbeats of the humans in the next house.  She didn’t know who the other humans were and she really didn’t care, Sierra was there for one person, her feeder.
It’s been forty-eight hours since the last time she fed.  The hunger was growing stronger by the minute and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could contain herself.  Sierra did not like feeding off of random people or the innocent but the more her hunger built the more she was willing to make an exception.
The two men Sierra was watching weren’t exactly innocent.  Yesterday morning they held up a bank.  Two people dead, six wounded, and eight hostages, including her feeder.  They managed to lose the police but Sierra was able to track them through the scent of her feeder.
The fear coming from inside the house was intoxicating.  Fear made the heart beat faster which made the veins throb as the blood pumped faster through them.  Sierra sniffed the air once more, savoring the sweet smell of all that fear.  It made her hunger burn more intently.
Sierra could no longer contain her hunger.  She needed to feed.
She began to strip off all her clothes.  She wanted to get into the house without a lot of attention.  Going in naked is better than a lot of gunfire.  Sierra jumped out the window and landed softly on the cool mist covering the grass.  She walked over slowly to the front door and rang the bell.  There was a lot of noise being made as the two men inside grabbed their guns and came to the door cautiously.
Looking through the side window both men seen Sierra standing there naked as she turned around slowly, her arms stretched out away from her body, so they could see she had no weapons.  They opened the door.
“Fuck me,” the first man said as he stood in the doorway staring at Sierra.
He was taking it all in.  Sierra’s long straight jet black hair, her pale smooth milky white skin, lightly peppered with freckles.  Her heaving chest with her hair falling over them slightly, barely covering her nipples like a curtain.  Her curvy hips and a small strip of black hair, trimmed in front.
“That’s the idea tiger,” she answered with a slight giggle.  “You gonna invite me in or are we gonna do it here in on the porch?”
The man stepped aside so Sierra could come in.  Sierra walked in slow and seductively, the smell of heat and lust hitting her as the door closed beside her.  Both men were too excited to pay attention to Sierra’s hands.
As the door closed both men drew close to Sierra, pressing against her like she was the meat in a sandwich.  She smiled an evil grin as her green eyes began to glow.
“Typical men,” she whispered before snapping the neck of the man in front of her.  She reached behind her quickly to grab the throat of the other man.
As the man coughed and gasped for air Sierra pulled him close so she could smell his fear.  She smiled as the intoxicating scent filled her nose, causing her to bare her fangs out of excitement, before sinking them deep into his throat.
The first squirt into her mouth tasted heavenly, like chocolate would to a human.  That sweet taste of fear is what she needed, it is what she craved.  Sierra held on tight as she began to devour the blood coming from her food.
Sierra’s body began to tense up as the blood gave her strength that had been draining out of her over the past two days.  Refreshed, she dropped the body that she had been holding and kicked it aside.
Blood trickled down the side of Sierra’s mouth as she licked her lips.  The hunger has been silenced.  Her thirst quenched.  She walked slowly to the back of the house, the smell of fear leading her to the hostages, and her feeder.
There was a set of stairs in the kitchen that led to a basement.  There was a padlock on the door to keep the hostages from escaping.  Laughing to herself Sierra grabbed the padlock and squeezed, shattering the lock to pieces.
Dropping the broken lock to the floor Sierra yanked the door open.  A rush of hot air hit Sierra in the face softly.  Again the sweet smell of fear filled the air, the scent stronger as she drew nearer to the hostages.  She could not help but to lick her lips as her mouth began to water.
Strolling down the dark stairs into the basement Sierra’s eyes began to glow like cat’s eyes, allowing her to see in the total darkness.
The eight hostages were all lying on the floor, two men, five women, and Sierra’s feeder.  They were all tied with their hands behind their backs, their feet bound together at the ankles, and a rag tied across their face to gag them.
Sierra walked over to her feeder and swiped at the ropes, cutting them with ease with her razor sharp nails.
“Come on,” Sierra said, “let’s get out of here.”
Grabbing her feeder by the wrist Sierra yanked her to her feet.
“What about the others?”
“Forget them,” she snapped, leading her feeder to the stairs.  “You can call the police after we are gone.”
Sierra walked faster, pulling her feeder harder.  As they reached the kitchen the moon was shining through the window.
“You’re naked,” her feeder observed, “you must be horny again.”
“You bitch,” a male voice yelled from the hallway.
A third man was standing over the other two dead men.  Sierra quickly rushed him before he could react and snapped his neck in the blink of an eye.
“You have no idea,” Sierra answered her feeder, breathing heavy.

The New Writing With Power

I am relaunching Writing With Power come 2016.  With the new year will come a new company.

A new logo:

A new bio:

Max was born in a library, surrounded by books from all over the galaxy. His gypsy soul never stayed in one place for very long as he traveled the universe, having many great adventures, all while lying on the carpet floor in the living room. 
His story telling abilities have been compared to Robert Patterson and Tom Clancy, without all the boring details. 
Today he lives in a hanger just north of Houston, Texas where he soars through the clouds on Wings of Gold, writing and telling wonderful stories.

There will be rewrites of all my books. I am in the process of cleaning them up because in my inexperience a lot of mistakes were made and you deserve for those mistakes to be corrected.  You can purchase an ebook directly from Smashwords or from your favorite book retailer.  A pocket size print book can be purchased directly from Lulu, the publisher, at a great discounted price.  If you wish to collect an older version you can still purchase them now.
Starting in 2016 you will also be able to purchase a 6x9 size print book from your favorite book retailer.  Prices are going to vary but this is out of my control. The Big Boy retailers require a higher set price, however, I will set the price at the lowest possible cost allowed.
I wish to thank you for your support over the years as well as your continued support as I grow as a writer.  As always your opinion is wanted, please leave any comments or suggestions below.

Max M. Power