While You Sleep Part 5

I pulled myself up, balancing myself between the night stand and the wall.  Seeing me stand up the raccoon started scrambling to get free but the gorilla was too much weight to pull free from.

“Time for payback,” I said smiling.

I fired a shot into the gorilla’s crotch, making sure it really was dead.  When his balls exploded and flew off into two different directions I got my confirmation.

The raccoon freaked out and started scrambling even harder to get free.  I fired another shot into the gorilla’s stomach, getting closer to the raccoon.  As I suspected he tried even harder.

I fired three more shots, getting closer with each shot.  I wanted him to feel the same fear I felt lying on my back.

“I have one more bullet and guess what fucker, it has your name on it.”

Before he could protest, his head exploded, just like the other one had.  I lowered the empty pistol and it fell out of my hand, the weight of it too heavy for my failing body.  I coughed again, spitting out blood.  Laughter began to take over as the adrenaline in my body was fading.

I heard something else jump onto my headboard and I looked over quickly to see my little Shih Tzu staring at me confused.

“Oh thank God,” I whispered under my breath.

“You should have saved that last bullet.”

That was the last thing I heard before he jumped and knocked me to the ground.  The animals took over that night.  Like I said, a lot can happen while you sleep.



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