The Storyteller

I ...believe the art of Storytelling is dying.  Not many people want to read a book anymore, finding entertainment by means of television or movies, but centuries ago, long before the written word, there were Storytellers.
These people told stories in such a way that when they spoke, everyone around them listened.  Children were both educated and entertained by the Storyteller.  Cultures passed down their history and heritage through Storytellers.
Not only did every village have their own Storyteller but there were also traveling Storytellers that brought stories from far away.
Many people would come to listen to the Storyteller as he told his tales.  The words would capture your heart as your imagination put you in the middle of the story.  Today, people who can tell a story like that are rare.
Writers today want to tell you every little BORING detail, in a sense taking the reader out of the story.  If a reader can not be IN the story, surrounded by the characters, living their lives, walking in their shoes, suffering along side them side by side then what’s the point of the story.
As a Storyteller I give you just enough to make you use your imagination to fill in any gaps, making the story unique to you and you alone.  No one else will see what you see, feel what you feel, smell what you smell, and wonder the way you will wonder.
When my story is done you will be left in awe, satisfied, yet wanting more.  Your imagination will grow hungry, longing to be fed and as a Storyteller it’s my job to feed that hunger.
Sit down and get comfortable for I’m about to tell you a story…

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