From A Pilot's Point of View

Sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft, getting ready for takeoff. Your fingertips gently glide across the wheel, touching every smooth curve of the handles, firmly gripping it as your other hand drifts down toward the throttle.
A shutter flows through your body at the touch of the throttle. All this power at your fingertips and you are in control. Slowly you push forward, increasing the power to the engines. At first they whine, asking what is going on but just as quickly they are silenced at the knowledge that soon they will be where they belong, in the air.
You have been cleared to take the runway. It’s time to visit your second home, the clear blue sky. Excitement fills your soul as you pull onto the numbers at the end of the runway, the starting point for this journey. You’ve done this a thousand times before but the small flutter in the pit of your stomach makes you feel like it’s the first time all over again.
Quickly your mind races as you complete your checklist. You are moments away from flight, yet it seems like an eternity. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong but they are out of your control. You focus on the one thing that matters, taking flight.
You hear those magical words, “You’re clear for takeoff.” Moment of truth, time to fly. You push the throttle forward as far as it will go. The engines spring to life, roaring with excitement. The aircraft bounces up and down with joy, begging you to take your feet off the brakes so it can take to the sky.
“Not yet,” you whisper, knowing the power needs to build up just a bit longer. The time has come, the power is up, it’s time to set this bird free.
You release the brakes. The plane thrust forward, picking up speed with each passing second. The ground speeds behind you until it’s just a blur. Gently the aircraft lifts off the ground on its own, giving you permission to pull back on the wheel. Slowly, gently you take to the sky, flying, gliding through the air. Higher and higher you climb.
A sigh of relief escapes your lips as you turn gently away from the runway. You can’t help but smile as the sky welcomes you home with open arms.

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