Why I Don't Trust Ted Cruz

I will admit that I voted for Trump.  I can hear all the hate speech coming now, but in all honesty, I don’t care.  I’m not playing nice anymore and neither should you America.

I keep hearing excuses of why he’s bad, and guess what, so is everyone else.  Is he a con man, yeah, he’s a New York business man, they pretty much all are.  Are any of the other candidates con men, you bet your sweet ass they are and if you say they aren’t, you’re lying to yourself.

He’s a racist because he wants to build a wall on the border.  How does that make him a racist?  That card gets thrown around WAY too much and by people who claim not to be racist but deep down really are.  Why do I say that?  Because deep down every person is a little racist, its human nature.

“We gotta stop illegals.”

“Trump hates Mexicans.”

Nowhere did I see MEXICANS in that statement.  Illegals are illegals no matter where they come from, but if you think that shoe fits you, feel free to wear it.

“He doesn’t talk like a president should.”  I’ve personally never understood that statement.  Why do people think a President is supposed to be better than them?  That’s kind of subject/master mentality.  I’m am average American, working hard for my money and to provide a good life for my family.  I help others where I can and I believe what I believe.

The ONLY perfect man to walk the earth was Jesus, so why are people trying to make the president perfect?  I trust someone who admits to their wrong doings rather than try to cover them up and dance around them. “What difference does it make?”  It makes a lot of difference… to me.

So the angry scared voters are flocking to Trump blindly, well if that is true why not ask yourself why?  What has had to happen that the American people have said enough is enough?  No more of your smiling to my face, lying to me, while stabbing me in the back before taking my wallet.  What has made the average American say, “Sorry, the con man scares me less than you do?”

The real reason why people do not like Trump is because if you are truly honest, he’s making America deal with its shit.  Things that are said, “You can’t say that,” or “You can’t talk about that,” or just flat out refuse to face the problem, well now you have to.

Ted Cruz is my representative.  In the end I voted for him as my Senator, even though throughout the entire time he was campaigning I kept thinking to myself, there is something about him I do not trust.  He’s a great guy, he says the right things, he does the right things and I have a great amount of respect for his values and his resolve to do what he says he will do… but I don’t trust him.

Deep down in my gut, I could never put my finger on it, but I don’t trust him.  I never had a good reason as to why, I just don’t trust him.  I will follow him and vote for him again if he is the candidate but I just don’t trust him.  I’m waiting for that other shoe to drop but I just can’t see said shoe.  It bugged me, tore me apart, my gut screaming, not allowing me to trust him… until now.

There are times in your life where you see or hear something and you are slammed with a true moment of clarity and everything surrounding the subject come into focus.  It no longer bugs you and you can move forward with complete convection.  On March 10, 2016 I was listening to Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero and it was said that Reptilians are trying to take over and that it’s rumored that Ted Cruz is a Reptilian.  When I heard that, WHAM, it hit me.  I don’t trust him because he’s a Reptilian.

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