Do I Need A License?

Do I need a license to:

1.      Go to church?
2.      Worship any God I choose?
3.      Speak my mind freely?
4.      Write my opinion for all to see?
5.      Gather with likeminded individuals peacefully?
6.      Question those in power about the policies they make?
7.      Be exempt from having a soldier live in my home by force?
8.      Be exempt from searches or having my property seized without criminal cause?
9.      Be able to refuse to answer questions?
10.  Only be tried once for a crime?
11.  Not be denied life, liberty, or property without due process?
12.  Have a speedy and public trial?
13.  Have an impartial jury?
14.  Know what I’m being tired for and to face my accuser?
15.  Have counsel and witnesses in my defense?
16.  Have a common law jury if I so choose?
17.  Be exempt from excessive bail or fines?
18.  Not have cruel and unusual punishments inflicted upon myself?

The answer to all these questions is NO, I do not need a license for any of it.  Why?  Because these rights are given to every American, criminal or not, they are protected and can not be taken away under any circumstances.  So why is the 2nd Amendment the only one that is?

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