Soul Mates

The concept of soul mates is an old one. Someone who understands us, is a part of us, someone we belong with. Most people believe we only have that one true soul mate and we spend our entire life trying to find them.

In my opinion we have more than one soul mate. Yes they understand us. Yes they are a part of us. Yes they belong in our life. No, you would not be the same without them.

A soul mate is not a lover. They are there for you. They know when something is wrong, even from far away. They can lift your spirits by just being in the same room and never speak a word. They just get you in every way and will be there for you no matter what.

With that being said, a soul mate can be anyone or anything. A parent, a sibling, your best friend, your aunt or uncle, a grand parent, a pet. This soul gets you, understands you, and doesn’t need to be told what’s wrong but will do whatever they can to protect.

There are also two types of soul mates: True soul mates and Regular soul mates. You can be someone’s soul mate but that does not mean that they are your soul mate. This is a Regular soul mate. A True soul mate means you are their soul mate and they are yours. This is a small group who will follow each other from life time to life time. You will always find each other in each life.

Now the romantic lover soul mate, the one that most people believe in is in this True soul mate group. With each life this soul may change unless you both decide to exclusively tie yourselves to one another for eternity, imprinting all your emotions and memories onto one another. The other souls in your group will surround you both and unconsciously help you find each other in each new life.

This is my view on what a soul mate is.

Max M. Power

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