I have been debating on whether or not I should do this but since you are reading this I guess it means I won my debate, or lost it, depending on how you look at it since it was a debate with myself.
Okay on to why I’m sending this little email. I am trying to grow my new blog and to get more readers. As a result I am going to hold a contest that will end on September 1st.
To the person who gets the most people to visit my blog and subscribe to it will receive every book I ever write free for life. When the first printing comes out you will be sent an autograph copy before anyone else can buy a book.
Here are the rules, they must go to my blog, and subscribe. There are two ways to subscribe, both are listed on the blog. After they have subscribed they can send an email to me at and tell me in the subject line who sent them to my blog.
That’s it. It’s pretty simple. You can forward this email, rewrite it, however it is you want to let people know about it. Every person who sends someone my way will receive a free gift.
Thank you in advance for all your support.

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